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Our Story

Who are we? Thats simple, we’re a family of everyday people who decided to make life easier for others just like you.

One hot summer, many years ago on the island if New Providence, Bahamas Mr. David Whyms Sr. had one goal in mind, pest control with results.
Since then, Bug-x-Bahamas has been providing quality and reliable pest control services for over 15+ years – That’s over a decade of excellence!

We are driven by results

Wether it’s an occasional appearance of insects in the home/lawn or an extreme case of ravaging subterranean termites. We’re determined to bring resolution to your concerns and we’re not afraid tackle the very building’s foundation if it means getting the job done!

What'sApp Bug x Bahamas, the pest control experts

Excellent Service

Expect service with efficient, clean and professional quality from start to finish. Get every penny’s worth the first time the jobs done!

Bug X Guarantee

Our services come with a guaranteed ten year coverage – That’s awesome! Be confident that you’ll be covered for a long time.

Proven results

Our work speaks for it self. Our pesticides get the job done – we don’t defer results. If we have to spray a second time, its on us.

Mr. David Whyms Sr.

Founder & lead exterminator

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